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Established in 2001

Founded in 2001, SmartBill has the staff, facilities, and technology infrastructure comparable to the industry's largest and most established companies.

SmartBill's founders prioritized offering sophisticated output services and unmatched customer service from the start, diverging from a gradual growth approach.

The company handles the design, printing, and mailing of millions of statements and invoices monthly, catering to various industries such as commercial accounts, healthcare, utilities, and government organizations across the  United States.

SmartBill boasts over 125 years of collective experience in bill print and output services, with expertise in enterprise document management software and print, sort, and mail technology.

As one of the fastest-growing output services in the region, SmartBill combines cutting-edge print and electronic bill-pay technology with a commitment to cost reduction through continuous improvement. Operating from state-of-the-art facilities in Ohio and North Carolina.



Our Mission

At SmartBill, our mission is to provide the best possible experience for our clients in all aspects of their billing and payment needs. We strive to be a one-stop-shop that offers superior service, innovative technology, and transparent communication to create a personalized and efficient bill printing and payment solution that exceeds expectations.


The SmartBill Difference

We work daily to make a difference in our client’s lives. With unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer sophisticated output services, cutting-edge tech, and tailored solutions that drive down costs and simplify billing. Setting us apart from the competition.


We prioritize clients, deliver exceptional service, provide personalized solutions, and exceed expectations for ultimate satisfaction.

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Clear communication, honesty, and transparency guide our interactions. No gimmicks or shady tactics. At SmartBill, Trust and lasting relationships matter.

Transparency Transparency


We innovate billing solutions with advanced tech and top talent, empowering clients for success in a dynamic market.

Innovation Innovation


As client partners, we tailor solutions to unique needs, value input and feedback, and prioritize long-term relationships.

Partnership Partnership


Exceeding expectations with fast, reliable, accurate service. Prioritizing efficiency, deadlines, and customer satisfaction.

Efficiency Partnership
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Our Services


Printing & Mailing

Full dynamic color printing that allows total design flexibility, intelligent inserting, and postal coding services.

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SmartPay Works Payment Portal

As a Payment Facilitator, we handle end-to-end payments, ensuring streamlined onboarding, enhanced support, simplified fees, flexible pricing, and cost savings for our clients.

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Software Integration

SmartBill seeks to collaborate with billing software companies for improved customer experience, offering integration of print-ready PDFs and real-time updates.

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Our Team

At SmartBill, our experienced team brings decades of expertise in bill print and output services. Led by our visionary founder Robin Hess, who has a background in output services for financial institutions, we are dedicated to exceptional results. With vast knowledge in document management, print technology, and online bill presentment and payment services, we serve diverse industries across the United States. Trust our commitment to quality and state-of-the-art facilities for all your billing,  printing, and payment needs.