Printing & Mailing Services

Document formatting and dynamic content for messaging.

SmartBill’s ability to handle a wide variety of document formats is unmatched in the industry. You don’t pay for costly programming fees when you change your billing formats or print needs. We make it easy to create any type of customized communication, regardless of document type, variable content, or delivery channel. That means no form letters or templates, just your own unique customer communication tools.

Intelligent inserting.

SmartBill sorts and bundles your bills for the most cost-effective postal rates, typically saving customers 10–15 percent of their current postage costs. Handling multiple documents in one envelope, saves postage costs and gives your customers a clear and concise view of their bills.

Postal coding.

Your statements are intelligent-mail bar coded and postal-regulation compliant.

Postage analysis.

We can analyze your current postage expenditures and, in most cases, lower your costs. As a USPS licensee of NCOALink®, SmartBill ensures your address database is always up to date and compliant.

Paper, forms, envelopes.

SmartBill purchases in large volume and passes those volume discounts on to you. Because of our large storage warehouse, we don’t charge storage fees for paper and envelopes or tack on unnecessary warehouse picking and delivery costs. That helps keep paper prices steady. And your paper inventory needs are provided by SmartBill at no additional charge.