Document Processing

For in-house customers

Do you already have an expensive investment in printing and mailing equipment but lack the ability to flexibly create outstanding customer communication tools and dynamically format statements and documents? SmartBill is the answer.

Take advantage of SmartBill’s ability

To create flexible customized communications while preserving your existing investment in printers, inserters and staff. We can handle all of your data-processing and document-formatting needs and send you composed and formatted documents that you print and mail yourself. SmartBill also serves as a backup and disaster recovery site if your print/mail operations go down.

Use SmartBill Online’s electronic presentment and payment services for cost-effective way for your customers to get their bills electronically. SmartBill gives you a single-vendor solution for both outsourced document formatting and online viewing and payment. You get the flexibility to offer statements and invoices to your customers in any format they want.

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