SmartBill Services

The right services. The right price.

SmartBill prints and mails over a million documents a month and delivers digital bills and online presentment services for health care companies, utilities, commercial enterprises, and government entities across the country. We save our clients tens of thousands of dollars every year on billing and mailing expenses and free up their resources to focus on their core businesses.

SmartBill is a unique company among those in the bill printing and electronic presentment and payment industry. We invest heavily in printing, sorting, mailing, and presentment technology, and we offer unrivaled data handling and programming expertise. Our clients trust us to increase their productivity and customer satisfaction.

SmartBill never marks up postage or hides additional charges as part of postage or other services. Above all, our clients know we’ll contain their costs with our unrelenting focus on continuous improvement. 

Our Services Include:

Printing & Mailing Services

SmartBill offers the full range of black-and white and color printing technology, and document formatting and dynamic content capabilities. We also feature the industry’s most sophisticated, intelligent inserting, postal coding and scripting services.

SmartPay Works

SmartBill makes it easy for your customers to view and pay their bills online. Give your customers the convenience and flexibility to manage their accounts 24/7 and slash the costs associated with traditional print and mail statement production.

Document Processing

SmartBill provides sophisticated and cost-effective outsourced data handling and formatting services for businesses that operate their own printers and inserters.