Serious About Security

We're serious about security

SmartBill uses the strongest VeriSign encryption

Available to always protect transactions and data transmitted between your site and our FTP server. We support 56-bit DES encryption, 128-bit 3DES encryption, VPN Tunnels with IPSec. Additional authentication and encryption levels may be set for VPN tunnels if your business requires it. We can also use encrypting software such as PGP.

  • We work with our clients to determine what method meets their security needs. Once set up through our firewall and server, your unique login and password will only allow you to access certain directories and have specific permissions.
  • Our firewalls perform dynamic packet filtering, which includes the removal of dangerous commands and attachments and prevents modifying the packet content before it enters our network.
    • In order for an outside vendor to send or retrieve data from our network, either through a VPN or FTP connection, they are required to have user ID and password authorization from SmartBill.
    • Our SmartBill Online server is also protected by the highest-strength VeriSign certificate. Your customers can use SmartBill Online with absolute confidence their transactions are secure.
    • Internally, a security system has been installed to protect the server room and may only be accessed by using an approved ID and password to gain entry.
    • Security and alarm systems are installed throughout our facility and are monitored 24/7.
    • SmartBill has made a significant investment in excess production capability that eliminates workflow interruption due to traditional equipment failures. In the event of equipment failure, we have significant excess capacity for quick recovery and redundant processes to recover in a very short period.