Manage Postage Costs

It's your biggest expense. SmartBill keeps it under control.

If you print and mail your bills, postage can be as much as two-thirds of your total costs. Contain and even reduce your postage costs and you’ve largely won the cost-containment battle. SmartBill makes it happen. Here’s how:

  • SmartBill has spent years developing processes to contain postage costs, and we save our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. If you are working with another print vendor, chances are you’re spending too much.
  • By using our proprietary postal coding software and matching on exact name and address, we guarantee the best price on postage and timely delivery of your statements.
  • We guarantee the maximum postal discounts available from the USPS.
  • SmartBill handles multiple documents in one envelope, giving your customers a clearer, more concise view of their bills. By intelligently sorting and bundling your bills for the most cost-effective postal rates, we can save you 10–15 percent on postage costs.
  • SmartBill offers Intelligent Mail Bar Code compliance which meets USPS mailing requirements and allows access to USPS tracking and address-change services. This improves the delivery of your mail and increases operational efficiency.
  • We work with our customers to help them understand how to lower their postage costs. For example, we showed one large health institution how changing from a daily to weekly billing cycle would allow them to include more bills in the same envelopes and save thousands of dollars annually in postal costs.
  • We help customers clean up their data files to eliminate bad addresses, thus reducing their volume of returned mail. As a USPS licensee of NCOALink®, SmartBill ensures your address database is current by running addresses through NCOA and returning the updated new addresses to you electronically each time your data is processed.
  • We provide a complete analysis of postal costs with every invoice so you know exactly how much you’re spending for postage.

Free Quote and Postage Analysis

Get a quote from SmartBill to see how much you can save over your current vendor. It is as easy as contacting us and providing the following information. We do the rest.

  • Who is your current software vendor?
  • What is you current postage rate?
  • What is your current volume?
  • What is your cycle frequency?
  • What are your current costs for consumables?
  • What are your current costs for printing?
  • What are your current costs for presorting?
  • What are your current costs for postage?
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